Belgian potato business

The Belgian potato business

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Belgian potatoes are very poplar, both at home and abroad. That much is clear from the growing Belgian export of fresh potatoes, seed potatoes and processed potatoes, with real Belgian fries leading the way.

The potato in Belgium: from tradition to innovation

The potato is closely intertwined with the traditional appreciation of good food in Belgium. Typical Belgian fries, creamy mashed potatoes or festive croquettes... a delicious potato dish is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. In parallel to the Belgian traditional appreciation of good food in which the potato plays a central role, Belgium also has a rich potato tradition that since the end of the 20th century has developed spectacularly. Above all in Flanders, the northern half of the country, the ideal soil and growing conditions and an optimum climate form the basis of successful potato cultivation. Professional know-how throughout the entire chain, constant innovation and a detailed quality system ensure excellent potato quality.

Buying Belgian potatoes: quality and service guaranteed

Product quality, food safety, traceability, sustainability and the personal and flexible service of the Belgian exporter are the cornerstones of the success of Belgian potatoes. Thanks to the central location and an extensive transport network, Belgian potatoes, seed potatoes or potato products can furthermore be quickly delivered to a foreign importer, wholesaler or retailer.

The mix of tradition and innovation forms a healthy foundation for trade. The companies that are generally family businesses are furthermore extremely flexible, so that you can always count on personal service.